best investing books

Best investing books

Investing books are true friends of reader when learning investment insights.

New in the field of investing? Searching for good advise in form of investment books? Do you like reading investing books? if your answer to all these questions are YES, reading investing books will give you extra benefit. So out of large numbers of investing books, which investing book you want to read first?

Investing is a broad area with so many investment tools. Whether it is stock and mutual funds or Gold and real estate, with good investment knowledge, one can earn better returns on his/her investment. Investing in stock market can give you a comparatively better returns than traditional investment options. By learning investing strategies through some best investing books, readers will surely reap the benefit.

investing books

So why you should read investment books for good return? Well, the answer is that when someone read investing books and follow the things told in them somehow, he or she surely get some insights of investment strategies that perhaps a common investor might not follow. Reading investment books also helps to avoid probable loss in some cases. In other words, a keen reader learns a effective way of investing and also learn to identify where not to invest.

A true reader must experienced such benefit of books in any field. Investing is also not an exception for that. So if you are also new in investing, You must read the investment books. Though there is long list of investment books, here are my three best investing books for beginners.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  2. The Richest Man of Babylon
  3. Cash Flow Quadrant

Rich dad poor dad:

This is one best investing book which is not based directly on stock market. But this book helps to develop investing mindset in early stage of learning investing. When the person knows basics about investment, he can apply this knowledge to any investment option. ‘Rich dad Poor dad’ book helps investors to understand the financial literacy and to develop the true investment mindset.

‘Work to Learn Don’t Work for Money’ says Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. This book covers many important financial topics such as Passive income, financial literacy, Assets and liabilities and all the chapters are written in very crispy manner so that an average person easily understand the depth of financial and investment field.

What I most liked about this book is that the author himself goes through all those situations, a common person is facing when trying to learn about money. So the words written in this book got a effective power to interact with a readers mind.

Read detailed review of this book here. Rich dad Poor Dad

The Richest Man of Babylon:

Again this book is also not directly written on stock market, mutual funds, real estate or gold, but still is my favorite investing book and it is worth to read before starting investing. This book teaches fundamental habits of money management and also tell tips and tricks for successful investing. This book also explains some common habits that are harmful for successful investing. The ‘Richest man of Babylon’ written by author ‘George S. Clason’ suggests an effective solutions for result oriented saving and investing. If followed properly, these suggestions can help to anyone who want to be successful investor.

Some of the advice I liked from this book are:

  1. Save at least 10 percent of your earning and always understand difference between necessary expenses and desires.
  2. Work to sharpen your skills to ensure future income.
  3. Invest wisely.
  4. Protect your treasures from loss. Don’t invest in every good looking investment.
  5. Surround yourself with people who are well known for their good money habits.

Read detailed review of this book here. The Richest Man in Babylon

Cash Flow Quadrant:

‘Cash flow quadrant’ book is advanced version of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. But why it is must read in investing? Actually this book explains us importance of cash flow in investing. Cash flow is much significant word in the field of investing. If you have regular cash flow. it mean you are in winners line.

This book told us different quadrants from which a person earns money. These four quadrant are: Employees, Self-employees, Business Owners, and Investors. Basically this book told us the difference between earning money from different quadrants. It also explains the difference in words spoken by people from different quadrants and suggests a way towards successful investing .

Cash flow quadrant is enough capable to change the money earning habits of a person, if he follows author’s tips. It reveals the strategies for changing the earning quadrant and thus changing the habits of investing too.

Cashflow quadrant book looks like one normal investment book but actually it explains complete mindset of different types of investors. What I feel, this is one must read book if you want to learn investing words.

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